Fine tuning Edubuntu

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Tue Aug 1 20:53:58 BST 2006

On Di, 2006-08-01 at 11:57 -0500, Brad Thomas wrote:
> 1. I have 2 nics in the server.  One connects to the main network 
> (eth1), and the other is for the Edubuntu lab that the clients connect 
> through (eth0).  However, I need to figure out a way to prevent my 
> client computers from being able to hit eth1, because I do not want them 
> to be able to access my network.  How can I do this?
there is no routing by default, you wont be able to get access to eth1
from the client hardware unless you enable ip forwarding on the
server... the users log in on the server though ... so they will indeed
see the interfaces of the server from their sessions/desktops, if you
want to restrict access to the outside world for them you'll need to set
up firewall rules with iptables or a tool like firestarter, even though
i'd recommend a separate firewall thats not running on the server

> 2. I am trying to figure out a way to remove applications from the menu 
> that the clients will not (and should not) have access to.  I guess I'm 
> looking for a KIOSK that will work with Gnome.  Any suggestions?
we have sabayon in edubuntu for this case, but note that you need to add
every user to a profile, else they wont be able to log in (thats a bug
that will be solved in edgy)


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