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Brad Thomas bthomas at
Tue Aug 1 21:21:19 BST 2006

Would it be easier if I installed KDE and then ran the KIOSK for locking 
things down?  Sabayon doesn't seem to do what I'm wanting.  I tried 
using it, but was able to access Terminal, Network Servers, etc..

Previously, I had setup K12LTSP, and found it to be much easier to 
configure and lock down.  I was hoping Edubuntu would have the same 
tools, as I'd rather still with a Ubuntu machine than Fedora.

Oliver Grawert wrote:
> hi,
> On Di, 2006-08-01 at 11:57 -0500, Brad Thomas wrote:
>> 1. I have 2 nics in the server.  One connects to the main network 
>> (eth1), and the other is for the Edubuntu lab that the clients connect 
>> through (eth0).  However, I need to figure out a way to prevent my 
>> client computers from being able to hit eth1, because I do not want them 
>> to be able to access my network.  How can I do this?
> there is no routing by default, you wont be able to get access to eth1
> from the client hardware unless you enable ip forwarding on the
> server... the users log in on the server though ... so they will indeed
> see the interfaces of the server from their sessions/desktops, if you
> want to restrict access to the outside world for them you'll need to set
> up firewall rules with iptables or a tool like firestarter, even though
> i'd recommend a separate firewall thats not running on the server
>> 2. I am trying to figure out a way to remove applications from the menu 
>> that the clients will not (and should not) have access to.  I guess I'm 
>> looking for a KIOSK that will work with Gnome.  Any suggestions?
> we have sabayon in edubuntu for this case, but note that you need to add
> every user to a profile, else they wont be able to log in (thats a bug
> that will be solved in edgy)
> ciao
> 	oli
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