KDE Education Status in Edubuntu

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at ubuntu.com
Mon May 28 18:34:48 UTC 2012


On 25/05/2012 10:26, Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) wrote:
> == Proposed change ==
> * Include the following packages:
> * Klettres: good software, we don't currently ship an equivelent
> * Pairs: New in KDE 4.9 which Kubuntu plans on packaging for 12.10, we
> are invited to assist
> * Kalgebra: We stopped shipping this in favour of geogebra, but never
> put it back when we stopped shipping geogebra by default
> * KGeography: Great software, we should ship it
> * KStars: We already ship alternatives, but I believe kstars provides
> some simplicity and speed that makes it worth while shipping anyway
> * Unsure:
> * Kiten: Japanese learning tool, might not be specific enough, takes
> 18.4MB of .debs and 47.1MB of uncompressed disk space (I'd say leave it
> and feature it in Software Center instead)
> * Cantor: Provides a front-end to various mathematical back-ends
> (kalgebra, maxima, r project, sage mathematics, octave, scilab,
> qalculate) - we've always been short on university level software so
> this might be a good inclusion (although I don't know exactly how to use
> it yet, we might have to source some testers)
> * Rocs: a graph theory IDE, similar situation to cantor.

I'm going ahead with this. We'll review all seed changes again before 
feature freeze. In the meantime, feedback is welcome.


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