KDE Education Status in Edubuntu

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at ubuntu.com
Fri May 25 14:26:10 UTC 2012

Hi Everyone

For this cycle we're looking at which KDE Education packages we ship and 
whether we need to make any changes, ie: are there any major 
applications we're missing? or are there some that needs to be replaced? 
are they all available in the Ubuntu archives? We haven't done this 
exercise in a while, so this is our KDE Edu checkup that we plan to do 
at the beginning of every cycle from now on.

Here is a comparison of what we have in Edubuntu and what's available 

== Preschool Level ==


Package		Shipped
Blinken		Yes
KLettres	No, available in Ubuntu archives
Pairs		No, unavailable in Debian and Ubuntu

== School Level ==


Package		Shipped
KAlgebra	No, available in Ubuntu archives
Kalzium		Yes
Kanagram	Yes
KBruch		Yes
KGeography	No, available in Ubuntu archives
KHangMan	Yes
Kig		Yes
Kiten		No, available in Ubuntu archives
KmPlot		Yes
KStars		No, available in Ubuntu archives
KTouch		Yes
KTurtle		Yes
KWordQuiz	Yes
Marble		Yes
Parley		Yes

== University Level ==


Package		Shipped
Cantor		No, available in Ubuntu archives
Rocs		No, available in Ubuntu archives
Step		Yes

That makes:
  * 21 programs
  * 13 of which are shipped with Edubuntu
  * 1 of which aren't packaged in Ubuntu

== Proposed change ==

  * Include the following packages:
   * Klettres: good software, we don't currently ship an equivelent
   * Pairs: New in KDE 4.9 which Kubuntu plans on packaging for 12.10, 
we are invited to assist
   * Kalgebra: We stopped shipping this in favour of geogebra, but never 
put it back when we stopped shipping geogebra by default
   * KGeography: Great software, we should ship it
   * KStars: We already ship alternatives, but I believe kstars provides 
some simplicity and speed that makes it worth while shipping anyway
  * Unsure:
   * Kiten: Japanese learning tool, might not be specific enough, takes 
18.4MB of .debs and 47.1MB of uncompressed disk space (I'd say leave it 
and feature it in Software Center instead)
   * Cantor: Provides a front-end to various mathematical back-ends 
(kalgebra, maxima, r project, sage mathematics, octave, scilab, 
qalculate) - we've always been short on university level software so 
this might be a good inclusion (although I don't know exactly how to use 
it yet, we might have to source some testers)
   * Rocs: a graph theory IDE, similar situation to cantor.

It doesn't seem worth while removing anything that we currently ship at 
this point. If you have any feedback, comments or questions, please fire 


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