SchoolTool: progress for Lucid

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at
Wed May 12 14:15:46 UTC 2010

Hi Gedimas

(also including edubuntu-devel)

On 12/05/2010 14:41, Gediminas Paulauskas wrote:
> 2010/5/12 Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) <jonathan at>:
>> Hi!
>> Since Maverick is now open for development, could someone perhaps give a
>> brief status on where this stands?
>> We have a session on educational related packages for Edubuntu this
>> afternoon and we may be able to provide some assistance from the
>> Edubuntu side.
>> -Jonathan
> We will come to the Edubuntu track at 15:00.
> The blueprint about getting SchoolTool into Ubuntu is
> and there is also a wiki page with issues we wanted to solve. We still
> need many Zope packages to add first, and that was being solved at the
> UDS yesterday. Looks like I got a green light, and will get the needed
> permissions sometime soon, to upload and maintain Zope packages into
> Maverick myself.
> Then there are some known issues with server packages before we are
> happy having them in Ubuntu, like the server name, as well as upstream
> work to make schooltool really pluggable and customisable. Several
> pilot projects around the world that have recently started will help
> as learn what's needed.

Thanks for having attended the session, if you need anything reviewed
please feel free to poke us!


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