OpenLDAP setup on Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 2

Veli-Matti Lintu veli-matti.lintu at
Thu Jan 28 16:01:26 UTC 2010


There's been discussion on different LDAP topics on the list during the
past weeks and also I've been involved in testing OpenLDAP on Lucid
alpha 2 to see how everything works now. It seems like some things have
changed since I last time checked everything that relates to ldap and
kerberos authentication, so I started going through thing piece by
piece. Especially there are some automations in authentication settings
that I haven't noticed before.

The goal is to get the old stack of OpenLDAP+MIT kerberos w/LDAP backend
+NFSv4+autofs working as easily as possibly on Lucid in school setup
running LTSP and then automate the whole setup. I got it pretty much
working on a test server and I'm now writing down the different steps I
had to do to get it working. Once those are ready, I'll put it all
together in an actual document with the scripts.

I got now basic OpenLDAP setup using the config backend documented with
TLS setup here:

I'd be happy to hear if there are some tools that are available in
Ubuntu or elsewhere to do these in easier way. Hopefully this is useful
to others. I try to get the kerberos setup parts finished soon..


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