hide-tool 0.1 in my ppa

Jordan Erickson jerickson at logicalnetworking.net
Tue Feb 2 17:00:52 UTC 2010

Also, don't forget that if you hide the right directories in the root
(such as /usr) it's not really necessary to also hide the subdirs with
.hidden files (unless you think someone's going to be manually typing a
path such as /usr/local/bin to Nautilus).

Also, this *only* affects Nautilus (I'm sure you know that, just
re-stating it). Things like OpenOffice open/save dialogs aren't affected
by this.


Jordan Mantha wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 10:17 AM, Scott Balneaves
> <sbalneav at legalaid.mb.ca> wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> After a discussion between myself, Ahmuck, and Lns yesterday, wherein
>> Lns revealed the mysteries of the ".hidden" file to me for hiding things
>> from Nautilus, I banged together "hide-tool" last night, a brief shell
>> script that does the following:
>> 1) Create '.hidden' files
>> for /, /usr, /usr/bin, /sbin, /usr/sbin, /usr/lib, and /usr/local/bin.
>> 2) Allow for overrides within these hidden driectories (for example, in
>> root, "home" isn't hidden).
>> 3) fires the hide-tool job off hourly, so that as an administrator adds
>> or removes packages from the system, the .hidden files are updated.
>> There's a man page that comes with it.  It's in my ppa.
>>  https://edge.launchpad.net/~sbalneav/+archive/ppa
>> Any questions, let me know.
>> Oh, btw, if you remove the package, you'll have to go into the
>> directories and manually remove the .hidden files.
> Maybe in the packages prerm script you can have it remove these? If
> you were able to track somewhere (/etc/hide-tool or something) what
> .hidden files had been added then removing only those should be a
> snap.
> -Jordan

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