lucid unown user id LTSP user cant loggin

David Hopkins dahopkins429 at
Thu Aug 19 23:18:41 UTC 2010

On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 9:15 AM, Mattias Hemmingsson <matte at> wrote:
> Hi
> I have 4 ltsp server running lucid staddning.
> But non of my ldap users can loggin to the servers.
> The servers dump and unown user id and then sends the user back to loggin.
> I have done som search and it seams to be cousing by somthing called DRI.
> And I also find a buf saying that its not possible to turn dri off on the lts.conf file on lucid.
> And that you have to set upp your own xorg.con file.
> So i tried all this but still my users can logged in.
> Is there any one using lucid with ltsp ans ldap and that has an working solution for this problem?


I also use LDAP (Openldap). Scott Balneaves wrote up a tutorial on how
to get authentication working a while back.  It can be found here:

Follow the section for Client: install client pieces.  For my systems,
I added just the ldap-auth-client.    I answered the questions. I
changed the ldapi:/// to ldap://IP.x.y.z:389/ ... I also entered the
correct info for the realm.  I answered yes to the question about
having root be able to change passwords, and no for the authentication
required to access the database.

Next, I copied/pasted the example profile changing given on the above
page, only I changed edubuntu to something appropriate for our school
and saved it as ncs-ldap-config.

I then invoked auth-client-config -a -p ncs

Afterwards I was able to use ldap.  I now have 7 servers all
authenticating successfully following this approach. Many thanks to
Scott for help with that wiki page.

Dave Hopkins

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