Meeting Notes - 2010-04-28

Stéphane Graber stgraber at
Wed Apr 28 20:20:59 UTC 2010

Hey everyone,

Here's the notes for tonight's meeting:

= 28 April 2010 =

== Present ==

* alkisg
* bencrisford
* highvoltage
* lns
* stgraber

== Release ==

* Edubuntu 10.04 will be released tomorrow (29th)
* The release announcement for Edubuntu 10.04 will be written on gobby
  after the meeting and be published on the website tomorrow.
  Document is: edubuntu-lucid-announcement
* Edubuntu DVD images seem ready for release and have been tested.

== Plans for UDS ==

* 4 planned sessions have been discussed, specifications will be registered
  for each of them and added to the schedule:

  * Improvement to the installer to include LTSP and the Netbook interface
  * Review of the Edubuntu community 
  * Plan for moodle, schooltool and sugar
  * Educational packages and bundle review and update

People will be able to remotely participate in these sessions and we may schedule
a post-UDS kind-of session as catch-up for these who couldn't attend.

Details can be found on gobby: edubuntu-uds-maverick.

The gobby server is at and can be accessed with the gobby client
from the "gobby" package.

Next meeting will be next week, same place same time.

Stéphane Graber
Ubuntu developer
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