Patches for italc

Alkis Georgopoulos alkisg at
Tue Sep 29 14:07:50 UTC 2009

Στις 29-09-2009, ημέρα Τρι, και ώρα 08:44 -0500, ο/η David Groos έγραψε:
> ...found I had 2 different versions of it:
> /usr/bin/ica-launcher
> /opt/ltsp/i386/usr/bin/ica-launcher?
> What do I do, then?

Different people use different installation methods, that's why testing
is a good thing. :)

E.g. I've tested iTalc with standalone PCs and with LTSP but installed
*only* on the server;
you and Asmo have installed italc-client in both the server & the
chroot. Each method has its advantages, i.e. the server-only
installation is easier and requires less RAM on the clients, but the
server & client method enables you to see the PCs even if the user
hasn't logged on (if you declared them statically, that is).

Replace both ica-launcher instances with the one I sent,
and also /usr/bin/italc-launcher with the one I sent.

Thank you both for testing,

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