Patches for italc

Alkis Georgopoulos alkisg at
Tue Sep 29 05:01:47 UTC 2009

I'm attaching patched versions for ica-launcher and italc-launcher,
which hopefully fix the following:

* If the requested ports are in use, they use the next available ones.
This fixes the xorg 100% CPU usage problem when both vino and italc are
in use. It also fixes the "ISDSERVER: port 5800 already in use" error
when starting a second session in a standalone Ubuntu client.

* If /etc/italc/italc.conf is present, it sources it, and respects:
   * The requested ISDPORT / IVSPORT ports,
   * NO_AUTODETECTION. If someone sets this to true, then this client
doesn't show up in the Autodetected clients. Many teachers prefer to put
static entries in ~/.italc, and then the autodetected clients would be
duplicate entries...

* It uses LTSP_CLIENT_HOSTNAME, if it's available, for the client list
to be more informative with ltsp clients.

* It uses sed a little more to try to be a little faster.

The scripts are *minimally tested* to make the freeze deadline, so any
testing would be welcome. Sorry for being unable to send a patch instead
of the whole scripts. :(

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