EC Request for Consideration: WikiSite and current wiki edit projects

Stéphane Graber stgraber at
Sun Sep 27 19:28:56 UTC 2009

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) wrote:
> I'm just going to tag a +1 on everything I agree with here... I hope
> that makes reaching consensus simpler :)

First of all, sorry for having kind-of missed that thread. My e-mails 
filters are a mess at the moment. Thanks to Jordan for poking me about it.

> Jordan Mantha wrote:
>> I think the question here is if he should be using the WikiSite
>> namespace or not. My suggestion is that Edubuntu/WikiSite/ be used
>> only to hold things like wiki headers, icons, and includes that are
>> specifically for the wiki. It should not be used for actual "content".
> <snip>
>> I understand Ace's concern that it's difficult to rework a wiki
>> in-place, but I think if we do it one chunk/category/area at a time
>> the result will be much better than moving page around.
> <snip>
>> This seems to be a bit difficult because it seems like each team is
>> slightly different. I would like to propose that we follow what seems
>> to be the most common practice of teams (at least currently) :
>> /Edubuntu/Meeting/<year>/<date>
> +1 to all above

I agree with what was said until now regarding the namespace and the use 
of WikiSite. For the meeting, I like the above but if it's a lot easier 
to not have the year/date separation, then let's make it that way.
We can always add summary pages for each year listing all pages with a 
simple regexp in MoinMoin, so no big deal.

>>  * collect everything (whether they're logs or records, etc) under the
>> above scheme
>>  * the Archive page would just move it to /Edubuntu/Meeting/Archive
>>  * /Edubuntu/Meeting have the cool <<Navigation(children)>> (thanks
>> Ace for that) but not include every log inline.
> +1


>> However, I think Tasks, Teams, Gatherings, Photo, Video, and
>> GrowEdubuntu belong somewhere else. I think that it is important the
>> be kept as a development wiki. I'm not sure where
>> Gatherings, Photo, and Video fall in this regard. It makes sens if
>> they are meant as a collection point to gather contributions, but
>> ultimately end-users should be going to to get this
>> material.
> That makes sense, +1.

That sounds good too as a long-term goal, not sure how fast we can 
achieve that though.

Now, about the sitemap, MoinMoin supports (AFAIK) some kind of meta-tag 
that will list all pages matching a certain regexp. That can be used to 
make a very simple page (2 lines or so) that will list all the pages in 
/Edubuntu/ making it more userfriendly than having to deliberately do a 
typo to get the list.

About the way to get changes approved, as I was telling Jordan a bit 
earlier, I'm not a fan of gigantic mail thread on the mailing-list 
especially as these can get quite long and boring to read.
I'd rather like these to be quickly discussed on IRC during the EC 
meetings that would ideally happen every two weeks (so, one regular 
meeting every week and an EC meeting every two).

That way we can discuss that in a more efficient way and still have the 
EC members around for approval.
Of course only the big picture would be discussed and approved.
I don't want to discuss every single change done on the wiki as I think 
we can trust you (and the others who could get involved) do the required 
changes while still keeping the wiki's integrity.

Thanks for all the work


Stéphane Graber
Ubuntu developer

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