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Ace Suares ace at
Mon Sep 7 06:20:36 UTC 2009

Hi Jordan, thanks for the react, just answering a few short points while
waiting to see if more people have an opinion:

> Thanks for all the detail here. As I said on IRC, I think having this
> particular discussion before the move would have been beneficial
> considering the number of wiki pages affected.

Duly noted. Also please note, that previous requests for comments have
not delivered a lot of attention or answers. Still, a lesson learned.

> it might make more sense to use /MeetingLogs/Edubuntu/ for place to
> put the logs and navigation.

Indeed, I agree to that. And actually, it's quite simple to do so, Since
if I move /Edubuntu/WikiSite/Meeting/Logs, it will ask 'include
subpages' and whammy, ALL are moved. Great to work with the Wiki if you
abide to it's structure!

>> There is still the issue of
> Can those be folded into the logs as with the other records? I don't
> see a particular reason to carry the "Archive" as it's more trouble to
> constantly update what constitutes an "archived" log than to just sort
> by date and ignore the old stuff.

They are really in a totally different format, and it's not so easy to
separate them and move them into single files. I think it's easier to
leave then as they are, and just don't make an archive in the future,
just keep with the new structure (in any location). Please look at that
page and see if you see it feasible for someone (maybe me) to split that

> Redirects are a nuisance because they show up as regular pages in
> normal searches, so they end up doubling the apparent pages.

Exactly my thought. That's why I would want to get rid of as much
redirects as possible, and there's a Task that states that, and a
question on the agenda of 28-8 to address that, alas, no clear formula
was formulated :-(

> I think a
> better course of attack might be to just use the location (my guess is
> MeetingLogs/Edubuntu/) that has the most logs and move the other ones
> to there.

Right, but that would still 'break' pages that formerly where called
/MeetingLogs/Edubuntu_2007-04-08 (not to mention those that where
wrongly named in the first place).

> Yes that would be good, it is more of the issue for me.

Please check and look
at the Specs one. It's been up there for quite a while and I suspect
you'd want that discussed before it happens too. (It's been up there
quite a while).

Also check,
although it's not complete it details the WikiSite structure under
discussion (since a month).

Let's keep being constructive!



> -Jordan

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