Meeting Minutes - 2009.10.02

Jordan Mantha laserjock at
Sat Oct 10 04:16:08 UTC 2009

Here are the meeting minutes from our October 2nd meeting:

Attendees: LaserJock, alkisg, highvoltage, dinda, nubae, stgraber

Edubuntu Council Business:

  * alkisg applied for Edubuntu Membership. After review of his
application, work, and a discussion with him he was unanimously
approved. Congratulations!

  * cleaning out the ~edubuntu-members membership requests
    The Edubuntu members Launchpad team has 11 members and 31
"proposed members". Most of the proposed members are unknown to the
Edubuntu. It seems to be common for people to sign up to mass join
Launchpad teams or believe that a Members Launchpad team is equivalent
to a "fan" or user team. In order to keep things clean and organized
it was decided that the "proposed" list should be purged to so that
people understand what the meaning of the Edubuntu Members team is and
how to pursue membership if they so desire.
    - LaserJock is to email Edubuntu mailing lists and Community
Council that we will be purging the proposed Edubuntu Members
Launchpad applications
    - highvoltage is to do the purging, with a nice message explaining
how to correctly apply for Membership
    - A general Edubuntu contributor/fan open Launchpad team should be
created/re-purposed during the Launchpad team cleanup that will likely
occur in the near future.

General Business:

  * nubae's report on using XMPP/Telpathy as a teaching aid
    As a part of nubae's job he is working on some applications that
would allow teachers to create XMPP groups that students would be able
to join and collaborate with using telepathy-enabled applications.
Resources such as instant messaging and desktop sharing that make use
of the telepathy framework are already being shipped and could be
managed by the teacher. Edubuntu would like to ship teacher tools to
allow this sort of classroom management in the 10.04 LTS release.

  * LaserJock pointed out that thanks to davmor2 Edubuntu had a Karmic
Koala Beta DVD for the community to test:

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