problems with 9.04 that seems to disapper with 8.04 and am I able to run applications on thin client locally on 8.04

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Thu Oct 8 07:50:45 UTC 2009

We've noticed similar sound problems with thin clients and the  
tux4kids programs. We got it back to pulse audio. If you disable pulse  
audio the bug may go away.


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> Hello everyone,
> I hope this is the right list for this.  I'm an 8th grade teacher  
> and have been trying to get an Ubuntu server with thin clients set  
> up in my classroom for the last 2 to 3 weeks.  It's to the point  
> that technical goofs and problems are driving me crazy :)
> First, I think this might be a huge issue.  On 9.04 with the default  
> installation with 2 ethernet cards, everyone works fine EXCEPT that  
> when thin clients in firefox begin to watch something in flash the  
> sound works for about the first minute and then cuts off. The sound  
> usually goes back to the server.  I have updated the latest flash  
> according the the Wiki, along with updating the pulse audio package,  
> and countless other things.  No matter what I do, (even playing a  
> movie in another player not based in flash) the sound will just stop  
> from the thin client after 1 to 3 minutes of playing.  I've tried  
> everything!!!  I even tried running firefox locally.  The only thing  
> that worked was installing Ubuntu 8.04 LTS and the sound works  
> flawlessly.
> BUT with that, it looks like I'm not able to run applications  
> locally on the 8.04 version, and I will have 6 or 7 students  
> watching tutorial flash videos all with sound.  This is a big strain  
> on the server and was really hoping to be able to run applications  
> locally.  Am I able to run applications locally on the thin client  
> with version 8.04?
> Also, with 9.04 on laptops the thin client image would be backwards  
> (all the letter would be reversed) but with 8.04 I don't have that  
> problems.  It certainly seems like 8.04 has all the bugs out of it,  
> but it's lacking being able to run applications locally on the thin  
> client?
> I've looked all over google and just can't believe that no one else  
> is having the problem with the sound or the reverse image on laptops  
> as thin clients with 9.04.  Is 9.10 fixing these problems?
> Also, now that I have all my student user date in the Users and  
> Groups, is there anyway I can backup this (user name and password  
> info) so that if I need to reinstall my system I don't have to  
> retype all the username and password info again?
> Thanks so much,
> Tim
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