Clean up of proposed Edubuntu Member applications

Jordan Mantha laserjock at
Tue Nov 10 15:27:23 UTC 2009

On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 8:43 AM, Jonathan Carter (highvoltage)
<jonathan at> wrote:
> Hi Jordan
> Jordan Mantha wrote:
>> During our last meeting we discussed the state of the Edubuntu Members
>> Launchpad team [0], particularly the fact that we have about three
>> times as many "proposed" members as current members. The vast majority
>> of the proposed members are completely unknown to the Edubuntu team.
>> People seem to hit the "join" button for many different reasons.
>> Some people like to join every team with "ubuntu" in the name. Some
>> people want to express their support for Edubuntu. Some people want to
>> become contributors to Edubuntu. In all those cases joining the
>> Edubuntu Members team is not the right path.
>> The Edubuntu Members team is a special team that recognizes
>> significant and sustained contribution to the Edubuntu project by
>> granting all the rights and privileges of an Ubuntu Member [1].
>> Indeed, the Edubuntu Council has been delegated the authority to
>> accept people into this team by the Ubuntu Community Council [2].
>> We decided in our last meeting to purge the current list of "proposed"
>> Edubuntu Members on Launchpad so that we have a better idea of who is
>> actually requesting membership review by the Edubuntu Council. This
>> cleaning of the slate will allow us to hopefully start processing more
>> applications and grow the Edubuntu Members team. This will especially
>> be important as we look to elect three new Edubuntu Council members in
>> the near future as nominees to the Council are approved by a vote of
>> the Edubuntu Members.
>> So, if you get a rejection email from Launchpad and you want to become
>> an Edubuntu Member, don't worry. We will be giving out better
>> instructions ([1] is a good place to look for Ubuntu's version) on how
>> to get your application reviewed. We will also be setting up hopefully
>> in the near future a Launchpad team for all you who want to show your
>> support by becoming a "fan" of Edubuntu. We'll let everybody know when
>> that's in place.
>> Thanks for making Edubuntu a great project to work in and have a nice day!
>> -Jordan
> We haven't actually acted out on this yet, is there any objections in
> doing so? If there aren't we'll clean out the -proposed list on Friday
> sending a link to the proposed applicants on how to apply.

Go for it! I think the sooner the Launchpad teams are all cleaned up,
the descriptions reviewed, and ownership resolved the better. Having a
structure that encourages contribution and "advancement" is helpful
and having a structure that doesn't have so many point failures will
be key to long-term maintenance.


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