Edubuntu Council Meeting Minutes

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at
Mon May 25 21:36:24 UTC 2009


Minutes of community council - 25 May 2009

== Agenda ==

Membership renewal for:

 * Mario Đanić (approved)
 * Scott Balneaves (approved)

Vote into E.C:

 * Stéphane Graber (approved)

The EC now consists of 3 members and a quorum of 2 is required to make
decisions at EC meetings.

== Next Meeting ==

This EC meeting was literally planned at the last minute so we didn't
have enough time to announce it. If you would like to apply for
membership, or if you have applied before, please join us on
#ubuntu-meeting on the freenode network on Wednesday 27 May 2009 at
20:00 UTC. If you applied for membership, you have to attend the meeting
in order to be approved.


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