Ubuntu students joint marketing project

Ben Crisford ben at freeyourpc.tk
Fri May 22 21:19:04 UTC 2009


I thought perhaps the edubuntu team could work on a marketing campaign
alongside the ubuntu students team.

I believe that *using* students to market a project *for *students, will
have a much bigger impact than anything else I can think of.  As a student
myself I know that if I saw someone of my own age, complimenting, and
working on a project such as this, I would certainly look in to it, as i'm
sure many poeple would.

As a member of both teams I will be happy to co-ordinate this project and
act as a liason between the students and edubuntu team.

I encourage you to give me some opinions and suggestions.  And if you are
interested in getting involved then please say so.  Remember we will need
people from both teams in order for this project to work out.  I will also
be contacting the students team members.

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