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Ben Crisford ben at
Wed Jun 3 15:04:06 UTC 2009


First of all, welcome! [?]

If you do get a chance, one of the best ways to contribute at the moment is
fixing bugs I believe.  You can see a full list by package at

I'm sure whatever you decide to contribute it will be *extremely *useful.  I
am relatively new to this project too, and I understand it has been inactive
for a while.  But in the last few weeks we've been changing that, so the
contributions now really do matter [?]

Pay a visit to #edubuntu on sometime.  It'd be great to see
you there ;].

I hope you find the edubuntu community as welcoming as I did,

On Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at 12:05 PM, Rodolfo Andrade
<rodolfojandrade at>wrote:

> Hello all,
> My name is Rodolfo and I am a Portuguese Telecommunications engineer. I
> believe that the work that you have been doing with edubuntu is extremely
> value to reduce the differences between low and highly developed countries.
> Tools such as edubuntu are invaluable to small children that not have the
> resources to use other proprietary software,  even if I believe the true
> impact of such tools will only be seen in the mid future.
> To sum up, I like your project and want to contribute to it. I have been
> working with linux for a few years as a system admin and use it intensively
> at home. I have some experience in C/C++ and Java but I think I could be
> more useful in the translation task. I honestly do not know if there are
> already being done any efforts in translating edubuntu to Portuguese... On
> the other hand I do not have any experience in open source software
> development...
> Any how, hope to hear from you guys soon of how I can start or with whom
> should I speak!
> Keep the good work!
> Rodolfo
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