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Ace Suares ace at
Wed Jul 29 00:17:43 UTC 2009


I was looking at
since that was linked from the wiki homepage.

I see that there are meetings, but I can not find when. Is there a 
meeting calendar?

Also, since I am interested in becoming edubuntu team member, I was 
interested in the section Membership Candidates. It says that nubae 
membership will discussed first meeting in august. My membership 
apparently will not be discussed or the wiki is behind. I don't know 
what to think.

Also there is a link to 'membership rules as in Ubuntu' which links to which is a non 
existant page.

Please advice since I am really confused about
- meetings: when?
- memebership: what are the rules?
- membership: what membership requests will be discussed first meeting 
of august?
- agenda: can I put wiki cleanup on the agenda? who can? who wants to?

Oh oh. Just looked for the meeting logs and found this:

* Lns missed the meeting, huh..?
17:50	sbalneav	Was there one today?
17:50	Lns	thought there was? it was in my calendar...maybe i'm hallucinating
17:51	sbalneav	There was one last week.
17:52	sbalneav	You could just be really late :)
17:56	Lns, i was there...jeez, weird.
17:57	Lns	no, it was in the last meeting's minutes... Next Scheduled 
Meeting: * Wednesday, 22 July 2009  * 13:00 UTC
17:57	sbalneav	Well, entirely possible we both missed it.
17:58	Lns	doh
18:03	highvoltage	eesh, I guess we all did, I forgot to diarise it
18:03	Lns	heh
18:03	Lns	I win, i was the only one that remembered! woot

Hmm maybe I am taking this meeting thing to serious.... :-)

However, I do feel the need to take the Wiki Cleanup Very Seriously now :-P


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