Platinum Arts Sandbox 2.3 Patch + Top 100 Finalist (need votes) + Linux Miniconf Presentation

Platinum Arts platinumarts at
Tue Jan 20 18:32:17 UTC 2009

We have a new patch for our popular Save The Princess maps!  Please go to
our download page:
Extract these files into your /packages/base folder and replace the existing
files!  This should fix some bugs that were making the maps not act how they
should :)  As a note the maps have been considered quite challenging!!  Do
you have what it takes to save the most beautiful princess in the world?

I'm so excited to announce that out of over 5,000 game projects and 58,736
votes Sandbox has made it as a finalist, ranked as one of the top 100!!  Now
begins a second round of voting so please consider voting for us again!  The
more reputation we are able to get the more kids, and adults, we can get
this project to!  Please see the top of our moddb profile for instructions:

In addition we have recently been featured at a Linux Conference in
Australia! Miniconf was an awesome experience because I was able to give the
talk over Skype to our folk from down under!  For more information about the
the conference here is a listing of the presentations:  Check our homepage for a picture of the happy
audience :D

If you are unfamiliar with Sandbox be sure to check out our tutorial
video!!  I'm quite amazed actually at how many messages I get a day
regarding Sandbox because of the video :)

Thank you everyone for your interest and support of Sandbox!  I am still
going crazy in excitement that we made it into the top 100!!  Thank you so
much everyone who voted!!!!  Take care.
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