OpenRating, GoPlay! and classification of games

Miriam Ruiz miriam at
Thu Jan 15 10:40:06 UTC 2009


I've been developing for some time an open and free rating system to
classify free games [1], so that parents and educators can have more
knowledge about what games they want for their kids. OpenRating uses
DebTags [2] as technological basis, and classifies games regarding to
6 different facets. Right now, the taxonomy is almost closed [3].
Maybe some people in edubuntu are interested in the project too.

I made a talk about it in Lliurex congress, in Alicante last year, and
I have the slides online [4], even though they're in Spanish, sorry. I
also plan to integrate OpenRating in the newer version of GoPlay!,
which is a game finder for Games [5] [6].

Feedback is encouraged, and if anyone is interested in collaborating,
I'll be really willing to move it to a more group-wise development, as
it would lead to much better results.



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