issue where openoffice crashes thin clients

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Fri Jan 9 14:32:12 UTC 2009


some time back we has people with issues where thin clients  were being
crashed by openoffice (and firefox).  The issue came down to the
application pushing large amounts of pixmap (image) data onto the X server.
Pixmaps are large uncompressed images and in thin clients, the X server
runs on the thin client which ends up running out of memory.

Bugs were reported against both firefox and openoffice.  Both have seen
work to address them.  Jordan Erickson in particular has been very helpful
in this.  Caolan MacNamara who works for Redhat has already patched one
relevant issue.

Some questions have been posted back on the openoffice issue:

 "Does disabling hardware acceleration in the Tools->Options->View tabpage
  change the behaviour? Other than that, I concur with hdu, please file me
  a new issue for the slideshow problem."

Could anyone who sees this issue please shout.  If possible, it would be
great to have a test presentation document which would show this issue.
Also, if you could try the change above and see does this workaround the
issue, that might better help them understand the problem.


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