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David Van Assche dvanassche at
Tue Jan 6 16:50:13 UTC 2009

yeah, those are my thoughts and experiences as well. Teaching kompozer
is far easier and more logical taking web design as a full subject
comprised of both programming and design. At a younger age, its
doubtful they'd be playing with php/perl/ruby/whatever. The other
option is wine+dreamweaver, but that's a proprietary solution (albeit
the best one.)

Taking this a bit further, here's a list of other apps that I think
might have a future in edubuntu. (Be it by means of MIR or getting
edubuntu to accept universe apps.) It by no means they should be
included, I just wanted to open a discussion about them. Feel free to
add to them:

Gnu Solfege - Music training
kgeography - already in main
klettres - already in main
Linux Letters and Numbers
salasaga - create e learning objects, output flash...
Labyrinth - Mind map

kind Regards,
David Van Assche

On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 1:25 AM, nigel barker <tech at> wrote:
> I am currently using both kompozer and bluefish. I tried amaya for a while,
> but kids struggled with it.
> We use kompozer from grade 4 up. I find it less buggy than Nvu was, and kids
> can install it at home (win or mac).
> We use bluefish from grade 9 up.
> nigel
> David Van Assche wrote:
>> We've been talking a bit about replacing screem for a better
>> html/php/javascript editor. There are various choices that come to
>> mind, and it probably makes sense to vote on here about which would be
>> the best to support. In my experience there are 2 types of editors
>> that people are interested in, the WYSIWYG kind, and the coder/hacker
>> type. The first type is usually wanted by general web designers, and
>> the second for developers. I think edubuntu, as it is aimed at schools
>> should really have a nice WYSIWYG editor, but the only one that is
>> kind of usable right now is kompozer, and to me it seems buggy as
>> hell. Bluefish would be my vote for a developer based editor, but it
>> may be too complex for schools. On the other hand, if we think of
>> these editors as different animals, then we might be able to choose
>> one which is WYSIWYG based, and the other code based... What are
>> people's thoughts?
>> Some possible choices include Quanta Plus, Kompozer, Bluefish, Amaya,
>> and Sea Monkey.
>> kind Regards,
>> David Van Assche

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