Program to address teacher's need of managing student users' permissions

David Groos djgroos at
Wed Feb 18 03:45:26 UTC 2009

In the previous e-mail, Jordan, you explained how Sabayon works with user
profiles.  Would you say this is the ideal approach?  What do others think?
Why did the creators/maintainers abandon the project or I should say leave
it to 1 side?  Did they become frustrated with patching this particular
approach?  Should a new approach be started?  Is this practical is a
different question :-)  What do others who know of the guts of Sabayon,


On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 3:58 PM, Jordan Mantha <laserjock at> wrote:

> On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 1:52 PM, Néstor <nestorac at> wrote:
> > Can you be more explicit on Sabayons' bugs, please? It's still
> > possible that I could take a look one of these days, and any comment
> > would help a lot.
> >
> > This can possibly David, but in fact, I think that's a very very
> > important application for an LTSP, why is it so hard to fix??
> I think the problem is basically that there are changes to Gnome made
> by Ubuntu that cause Sabayon to crash. The first one I found was that
> for some reason a panel applet with no ID was created. Sabayon upon
> editing checks for t he orientation of all panels by iterating through
> panel IDs. Once it hits a panel with no ID it crashes. I'm still not
> sure what to do with that one exactly except catch panels that lack
> and ID and essentially ignore them. Once I fixed that I had other
> random crashes going on with panels and things like that but it sorta
> seemed to work at least. Scott Balneaves though had some other
> crashers as well. Sabayon depends so much on the underlying Gnome
> desktop that it seems a bit fragile to breakage by distro changes to
> Gnome.
> -Jordan
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