Program to address teacher's need of managing student users' permissions

Jordan Mantha laserjock at
Tue Feb 17 21:58:38 UTC 2009

On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 1:52 PM, Néstor <nestorac at> wrote:
> Can you be more explicit on Sabayons' bugs, please? It's still
> possible that I could take a look one of these days, and any comment
> would help a lot.
> This can possibly David, but in fact, I think that's a very very
> important application for an LTSP, why is it so hard to fix??

I think the problem is basically that there are changes to Gnome made
by Ubuntu that cause Sabayon to crash. The first one I found was that
for some reason a panel applet with no ID was created. Sabayon upon
editing checks for t he orientation of all panels by iterating through
panel IDs. Once it hits a panel with no ID it crashes. I'm still not
sure what to do with that one exactly except catch panels that lack
and ID and essentially ignore them. Once I fixed that I had other
random crashes going on with panels and things like that but it sorta
seemed to work at least. Scott Balneaves though had some other
crashers as well. Sabayon depends so much on the underlying Gnome
desktop that it seems a bit fragile to breakage by distro changes to


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