Edubuntu Council and Launchpad teams

Jordan Mantha laserjock at
Mon Feb 9 05:03:09 UTC 2009

I wanted to bring up a couple organizational issues. The first is
getting the Edubuntu Council back on track. We have some people
applying for Edubuntu Membership and should also try to make sure
there's always some sort of leadership group that can take care of
issues as they may arise.

Right now the Edubuntu Council is defined as the administrators of the
~edubuntu-members Launchpad team. I would like to propose that we move
the EC to its own Launchpad team. The reason being the second topic I
wanted to bring up.

I made a quick wiki page with a list of what I consider our core LP
teams: . Of the 9
teams there are 7 individual people who own the teams and of them only
a couple are currently active. If we create a separate Edubuntu
Council Launchpad team we can them transfer ownership of those teams
to the EC. This means we don't have to rely on a single person, but
rather a team (that may change with time).

So I guess I'm proposing the following changes:
1. create ~edubuntu-council Launchpad team. Make the Ubuntu Community
Council owner
2. transfer ownership of the 9 teams I've listed in the wiki page to

I had a look at how Kubuntu has organized their council/membership
teams. They have ~kubuntu-council which is owned by Jonathan Riddell
and it then owns ~kubuntu-members. The Ubuntu Community Council is a
member/administrator of ~kubuntu-members. Right now for Edubuntu the
Ubuntu Community Council is the owner of ~edubuntu-members and the
Edubuntu Council are members/administrators, so roughly backwards of



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