kde and sugar integration in jaunty

David Van Assche dvanassche at gmail.com
Sat Feb 7 16:29:53 UTC 2009

Hi there,
   I guess this is mostly an interesting message for -devel, but I
believe the input of -users is valuable in this case. I'm currently at
the Fossdem event and have had the opportunity to talk to both the
ubuntu representatives and more importantly the kde people. The kde
guys emphasised what was already talked about in the last irc meeting
for edubuntu, in that 68 million kids are now using the platform in
schools and that their focus is completely education now. I was shown
some impressive uses of plasmoids as educational tools. If you have
kde, take a look at the parley plasmoid, which churns out a new
sentence/word every 10 seconds with the translations to assigned
language. The code was literaly less than 10 lines. After talking to
them, and them emphasising the amount of kde-edu devs involved who
would love to be involved in edubuntu it became quite clear that this
should be one of our main objectives. They also mentioned a good point
about dependencies which is that we are already pulling in a ton of
stuff b involving kde-edu. I was shown a great alternative to
celestia/planetarium - kstars... so I dont believe we need to look any
further for a astronomy tool. The other thing that was mentioned is
that they have a very vested interest in developing or porting
existing edu apps to what would be kedubuntu,,,,
The other thing that came up, and the main reason I was at fossdem is
about Sugar. Right now, there is absolutley no interest in trying to
get 0.82 working... we should, those that are interested, focus on
Jaunty and the next 0.84 release which will fix all the current
problems and finally become an option to install in schools. Anyway...
just some things to think about. I have the contact details of the kde
people and sugar people so whoever wants to take the reigns on the
communication of this, please let me know...

now back to some more conferences....

David (nubae) Van Assche

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