Meeting Notes (If you didn't attend, please read)

Jonathan Carter jonathan at
Wed Dec 23 21:51:33 UTC 2009

Hi Jordan

On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 11:08 PM, Jordan Mantha <laserjock at> wrote:
> Nifty.

Why thank you.

> I didn't see any mentions of 2 areas that I think are the most
> important for 10.04, bugs and package selections. If 10.04 is really
> to be a milestone, "this is what you want to use" release then there
> really should be a big focus on bugs. Related to that, if a package is
> just not gonna make it because of bugginess, it needs to get dropped
> from the package selection. It looks like both gpaint and qcad (which
> were high on my "drop" list) have gotten some new life in Debian.
> However, screem needs a replacement and kino as well. You might also
> look at packages that compliment the current selection that Edubuntu
> hasn't traditionally shipped because they were in Universe.

Well, we're having a bug day on the 12th of January, we could check
for really bad quality packages then and weed some out or see if the
issues can be fixed in time. Feature freeze is particularly early for
Lucid, which means that there is theoretically more time for testing.
It also means that there is less time for features, so the focus
initially will certainly be on getting the features in on time rather
than squashing bugs, although obviously bug squashing will still be
important until then.

> Lastly, 10.04 needs a lot of testing. I can't emphasize enough how
> much of a pain it is to have bugs crop up the day before RC and you
> have no chance to fix them. Installer and seed bugs especially need to
> be fixed early as you don't have much of a chance to test. I noticed
> that Edubuntu didn't have an Alpha 1. It's imperative that as many
> milestones as possible have an Edubuntu ISO.

Yes, it is indeed a pity that there wasn't an Alpha 1. We'll try to
hit every subsequent alpha though. Alpha 2 is just 2 days before our
bug day, so we could leverage from that I'm sure. Perhaps we should
schedule some dedicated time and really get the community involved as
much as possible for every alpha release in the same way.

> Congrats again to the new EC and I'm glad to see meetings are
> happening. I'll crawl back under my rock now :-)

Well I'm glad that you're crawling out from your rock every now and
again for us, please do it regularly :)


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