Ltsp-localapps /kioskmode + vlc 09.4 crash

Reiner Schmid reischmid at
Mon Oct 27 17:47:51 UTC 2008


I am a fan of videostreaminig from the server to the thin clients.
In Gutsy/Hardy I used the script Ltsp-Plugin (sudo ltsp-build-client 
--kiosk --base /opt/ltsp-kiosk/) and used vlc in place of "firefox" for 
It worked fine, so my students could listen to the videos by headphones.
(But also the students used the "normal" Edubuntu-Client-Mode" to write 
letter, play games ....)

Now I did the same with IntrepidRC
I tried ltsp-localapss with firefox, flashplugin-nonfree and vlc and 
Wonderful I was able to see videos from web supported by the vlcplayer 
0.9.4 (example: Mediathek of working local in the memory of client.

But later I tried to send a vlc stream from my server to my client 
(enough memory 512 MB) with
Only for a second I could see the received stream on my client, also sound,
but after the second it crashed with the message
(....BadAlloc Insufficient resources for the operation X Error of failed 
request....Major opcode of failed request: 140 XVideo)
The stream was ok, I received it with a WinMachine. Also I examined the 
free local memory of the client: > 200MB free ...

So I created a kiosk mode, installed vlc in place of firefox, but the 
same problem, the same messages.

Could someone help me?



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