How to map network drive ??

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Mon Jan 21 01:10:39 UTC 2008

 Dear All,

i have a problem in mapping a network drive.....
My server has a public shared folder with no username and no password, it shared in windows shared format, the address is \\citserver\shared
I want to make it map in my edubuntu.......

first....i did : places - connect to server ( and the shared on citserver folder appears on the desktop )
the problem using this way : firefox and gimp can't save to it since the link was not appear on their save dialog box(even after i bookmark that network address on nautilus). but i have no problem in OO
this folder is read/write

then i tried to use smbfs........first, i made /media/x 
and put this line to fstab : //citserver/shared smbfs rw 0 0
all application can show this mapping link on their save as dialog box but........the problem now......this folder is read only.........
i also changed it to 777 by chmod(no effect)......

this problem appears when my student asked me how to change the desktop background using their own pictures which save on that drive

Question : how to make it map and the access is read/write for all user ???

thank you

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