Linux (and Edubuntu) in Schools (Stefan Nuxoll) and Edubuntu Classroom Metapackages (Stefan Nuxoll)

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Contacting the MOTU would be a good idea...

On Sun, Aug 24, 2008 at 10:50 AM, Platinum Arts <platinumarts at>wrote:

> I was wondering, how exactly do I get some of my software into Edubuntu?  I
> would love to get Platinum Arts Sandbox, the kid friendly 3D world creation
> tool into ubuntu and edubuntu.  I am working on a "debian free" version as
> well.  The site is http://Kids.Platinumarts.Net  I have gotten it in
> several schools around my area and a college, plus some kids camps, etc.  I
> would be more than happy to talk about some of that stuff on your site as
> well.  I definitely would like to have it more wide spread as well since the
> kids have absolutely loved it.  There have been kids as young as six that
> have had great success with it.  I also use it with the kids I babysit and
> they love it and show their friends it and how to do stuff.  I also have an
> article I did on why game developers should make educational games if you
> would like that on your site as well.  I was also planning on doing a
> writeup sometime of the game design kids camp I taught at for three weeks
> and had about 60 kids 11-17 if this would interest you as well.  To see
> Sandbox in action please go to:
> Thanks for your time and any help getting it into more schools and even
> advice on how to get it into new schools would be awesome.  Take care.
> -mike
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