mass session dropping

Matt Oquist moquist at
Wed Sep 12 16:51:10 UTC 2007

We're having some trouble with one of our Feisty sites. We have two
servers using DHCP failover, and with no (so far) recognizable
pattern, swaths of kids are getting simultaneously booted out. 10-20
seconds later they are presented with a new login prompt.

Obviously neither the TC nor the server is rebooting, so at first
I suspected that a switch was taking power hits. But now I'm wondering
if it's a software problem. We've just asked the teachers to start
telling us if, when this happens, all the dropped sessions are on ts0,
ts1, or a mix of the two servers. (If it's both servers
simultaneously, that points to a switch or other networking issue.)

More specifically, I'm wondering if it's an xterminator problem. 8-\

So...has anybody else had something like this happen? Are you using


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