Programming classes LMS

Mario mario.danic at
Wed Sep 5 16:14:11 UTC 2007


for some time I've been developing a LMS for programming
classes at university I'm attending. Currently, neither the LMS
or it's source code are available, but I'm writing here to
see the interest in something like that. I would very much appreciate
all the feedback and perhaps even help in development.

LMS is written in php (ouch!), and although it really isn't
functional right now, it is built on the concept that users
may upload solved assignments, tag their assignments,
others may comments on those assignments, and perhaps
even put it into their favorites. There is also very simple themes
system, and a password changing utility. Currently registration
of users doesn't exist, so I'm playing only with demo user :)
Concept of principal, teachers and students is integrated
in the backend, but there isn't actually nothing to take use of
it right now. Permission system still has to be thought of.
Anyway, I think this is enough for a first mail.

Opinions are welcome :) And ofcourse help ;)

Kind regards,

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