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Sat Oct 27 15:57:45 UTC 2007

Thanks Jordan,

I will add a discussion session for UDS to do some planning around this
topic ... we need a formal "project" process and action items.

This list is my suggestions, combined with Jordan's wiki page. I'll move
these onto the page he has created ... and make a section for UDS
discussions, and we'll record results / actions there. 

The list below is not just web related, but general content as in web
and mail lists.


TIDY       - tidy up of defunct pages

UPDATE     - updating of pages for new versions

TECH       - content needed for user support of the software

USER       - content about usage of edubuntu / ubuntu
             * user accounts of their experience / choices
             * user discussion about useful education applications
             * user discussion about useful education / content sites

FACELIFT   - new theme

INVIGORATE - have a better frontpage, one that changes often

MAILLISTS  - stimulating mail lists with regular topics
             * regular news letter ?
             * regular voting / polling issue ?
             * regular suggestion / request call ?

RECRUIT    - recruiting volunteers to help with the above

LP-GROUPS  - make a list of existing education / edubuntu groups
           - determine purpose of existing groups
           - consolidate list - remove duplicates
           - ping members via mail to find out who is still committed
           - tidy up / merge launchpad education / edubuntu groups
           - tidy up groups members
           - keep groups ticking over with activities

We can get the process(es) defined & rolling at UDS and then use the
mail lists to get them accomplished.


On Sun, 2007-10-21 at 21:47 -0700, Jordan Mantha wrote:
> Hi all!
> After talking with highvoltage on IRC the other day we decided we need
> to get moving along.
> I added some new content at
> under "Website Planning" . Let's start some discussion here about
> specifics and additions/deletions.
> -Jordan
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