Does Open Source make life easy????

Jim Kronebusch jim at
Wed Nov 14 15:41:39 UTC 2007

Does anyone think local installs of Knoppix or Damn Small Linux running from a local HD
or flash drive in these laptops would be a good suggestion?  Something like this would
loose some eye-candy but should run great with the stated hardware.  Then the wireless
could be used for Internet Access, Central Auth (LDAP), and possibly NFS homes such as
Gavin suggested.  There are many solutions for mass cloning that I'm sure could be
figured out fairly quick.

If you wanted to stick with an Ubuntu derivative I'd definitely stick with Xubuntu. 
This will run much better with a local install than Ubuntu or Kubuntu.  The window
manager is largely what limits your hardware.  I've ran Xubuntu on an 800Mhz PIII with
256RAM and it performed fairly well.  I too would not suggest trying to run any type of
LTSP over wireless, you'll end up writing another letter of frustration :-)


On Wed, 14 Nov 2007 13:42:10 +0200, CET wrote
> Dear all
> Thank you for your feedback, I have learned something like how to save
> openoffice document such that I could open it in Ms Word, because I did not
> know I was frustrated. I have also seen some emotion from some people; I
> would say what I wrote was my experience, my frustration. Its not like I was
> trying to look down on Open Source developer no. I do love open source and
> its not odd.
> About getting help well it depends on which country you live in, like myself
> I live in Swaziland we lack the expertise you call anyone especially people
> working in computer shops you ask how something is done in open source but
> nothing. I have also been deep in the internet I would not find help, I want
> to confess that I have'nt find any help from the internet, it is link after
> link very frustrating.  One good example I wanted to know- how to use ISO
> master after downloading I just could not find it from the numerous links.
> On a positive note I am convinced my problem will be solved, please allow me
> to invite you to the project that I want to embark on, as this is going to
> make history in my country. I am working for Computer Education Trust (CET)
> in Swaziland. This is a non profit making organization installing
> refurbished computers to secondary and high schools in the country. I want
> to go open source and network the computers in all the schools.
> In July- September 2007, with my technicians who are not linux gurus we
> tried to setup an small network of three clients and server in the office.
> We used edubuntu server 7.04 on the server, edubuntu desktop for the
> clients.
> We used wireless network interface cards which comes with windows drivers.
> But luckily Edubuntu 7.04 does have Linux drivers for the wireless (CNet
> CWP-854). We wanted to boot from the network. But PXE is not supported. The
> clients are mainly p2 and p3. Another thing, we were hoping to get a small
> iso image that could be used in the clients instead of installing the full
> edubuntu desktop which also have all the application programs that are in
> the edubuntu server. We were able to find an operating system hurd-tiny-cd
> 20060722.iso.gz, unfortunately this os does not have drivers for the
> wireless. We don't have the expertise to bind the drivers. We looked in the
> internet but we could not find how to bind the drivers. From July to
> September we tried but with no luck and we decided to abandon the project
> and continue with the day to day management of CET.  You can imagine the
> frustration, the stress and headaches of chasing links and links. With
> schools closing early December we are hoping to resume the project.  But I
> must say I am counting on you in achieving this project.
> Please help we need to set up this network - open source and wireless.
> Can we please work together in this project and please don't ask why I don't
> use cables? I have 300 wireless cards and fifteen access points that have to
> be put in 15 schools, what can I do with this equipment if it can all fail?
> Thanks
> Sibongile Kunene
> .
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