Thin Client project: TCOS

MarioDebian mariodebian at
Wed Mar 21 16:24:51 UTC 2007

Hi all.

First of all excuse my poor english.

My name is Mario Izquierdo (aka mariodebian) I'm from Spain and I'm
the author of a new implementation of a thin client system.

The system is called TCOS (thin client operating system) and have the
good things of LTSP and PXES projects and try to remove the bad

TCOS works like casper project (package to build livecd images), it
build an initramfs with normal bin, libs and kernel files obtained
from distro. I think it's better than use a debootstrap system.

TCOS is for Debian/Ubuntu based distros because hard depends on
initramfs-tools package.

Some of usesfull things that TCOS provides:

* It's GPL

* Not depends on NFS server (because can boot using tftp) if thin
client have less than 38 Mb automatically try to use NFS. (nfs
exported dir is a uncompressed initramfs ~15-20 Mb)

* Sound works great, use PulseAudio instead of esd (JClic, an Spanish
java educational app works great)

* Have a good tool to monitor (TcosMonitor) classroom (English,
Spanish translated: gettext):

* A GUI (frontend) to build images:

* Have a simple GUI to change remote volume control of thin client:

* A small daemon to hotplug USB devices (pendrive, in windows way):

* Works with XDMCP, FreeNX, rDesktop... (sound works ok)

I have used some shell script to create and boot image, and XMLRPC
server to take control of every thin client from the monitor app and
some GUI tools developed in PyGTK.


Debian/Ubuntu packages:

Install guide (in spanish yet, anyone want to translate ??? )

I had try to put my project into Debian and I will be very pleasured
if somebody can put in Ubuntu/Edubuntu too.


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