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Fri Aug 31 07:52:43 UTC 2007

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On 31/08/2007, Scott Balneaves <sbalneav at> wrote:
> Hello all!
> Rapidly approaching on September 13th is what's affectionately known as
> the "String Freeze".  No, it does not have anything to do with cold balls
> of twine, or as yet unproven quantum mechanical explanations of the universe,
> but rather, it's when all the text has to be finalized, to give anyone
> interested in Translation a nice, non moving target to translate.
> I'm once again working with the Documentation Team on the Edubuntu handbook,
> which is supposed to ultimately your guide to setting up a classroom server
> using Edubuntu.
> Time is tight, and I've spent a lot of time doing development work, and now
> we've got to try and get in all the doco you need to have an easy time with
> Edubuntu.
> Every single day, we get people who, either on the mailing list, or in the
> IRC channels #edubuntu, or #ltsp, say they want some way to contribute, but
> they can't code.  "Is there any way," They say, "that I can help?"
> Why, yes!  Yes there is!
> I need proofreaders, and contributors to the handbook.  This is YOUR handbook:
> I don't need any doco on Edubuntu or LTSP: I wrote big chunks of it, so I
> know how it works :)  YOU, on the other hand, have you use the stuff we write.
> So, here's your chance to step forward, and make your voice heard.
> Thanks to the launchpad boffins, we now have this neat feature called the PPA:
> The Poltergeist Punishment Area.  No, wait, sorry, Personal Package Archive,
> I mean.  It means that mere mortals such as I can host packages for you
> to load.  What packages, you ask?  Geez, quit interrupting and let me finish,
> says I.  The package I'll be pushing is edubuntu-docs.  This is the package
> that contains the handbook.
> Here's how to get zippy new versions:
> On your edubuntu box, add the following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list
> file:
> -----snip here----
> #
> # Scott's doco repo
> #
> deb gutsy main
> deb-src gutsy main
> -----snip here----
> Then, do a standard package update/upgrade cycle.  Voila, new doco!
> My plan is to get a new doco package out the door once every one or two days,
> for people to look at.  Click on your little red "?" on the taskbar, click
> on "Other Documentation" on the right, then select "edubuntu handbook".
> Here's what I really need.  I *NEED* content.  I'm typing as fast as time and
> my fingers will allow, but we need raw goods to go in.  If you're willing
> to type up some stuff and send it to me, I'm happy to format.  Also, proof
> reading's a hlep to us mye spelings nut to gud.
> Your reward for all this hard work: Same as mine.  A job well done, and
> as an added bonus, anyone who contributes automatically gets their name
> added to the authors.  Wouldn't it be cool to look at your spiffy new
> gutsy shipit cd and say to your friends, "Hey!  My name's on there!  I did this
> part here, see?  No, wait, come back, this really is interesting!... Wait..".
> Err, well, that's how *my* Linux conversations go with my friends, anyway.
> So, c'mon.  Here's your chance!  You can make your mark!  You can stand your
> ground! You can make. A. DIFFERENCE!!!!
> You know, it's for the kids!
> Post contributions/corrections to this thread, so It's easy to track.
> Cheers,
> Scott
Scott I'm part of the iso-testing team.  I will work through the docs
in full if you can get them done in time for the beta and let you know
any glaring flaws I come across before the release candidate.

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