Edubuntu Fix-it-Friday next week

Jordan Mantha mantha at
Fri Aug 31 06:28:18 UTC 2007

Next Friday (the 7th of September) the Edubuntu community will be
holding a Fix-it-Friday. This is a day for Edubuntu developers and
user to get together and focus on crushing as many bugs as possible.
The way to find out what bugs are buggin' us are to look at the
Launchpad bug report at [1].

Who: Anybody interested in testing or fixing Edubuntu bugs
Where: #edubuntu on
When: roughly all day on the 7th
What: triage, test, and fix as many bugs as possible

If you are interested in joining our Edubuntu Bugsquad (not mandatory
at all) and get bugmails for Edubuntu bugs, then join the team at [2]

If you've been wondering how to help out your favorite OS but don't
know how, this is a perfect opportunity. We would also appreciate any
help from upstream developers in debugging and moving bugs upstream.
Consider this a call-to-arms in the war against Edubuntu bugs. :-)



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