ldm force pseudo tty allocation

Oliver Grawert ogra at ubuntu.com
Sun Sep 24 23:23:58 UTC 2006

Am Sonntag, den 24.09.2006, 23:58 +0100 schrieb Gavin McCullagh:
> Hi,
> it would be nice on Edubuntu to be able to use a command like, "who" or "w"
> to see who is logged in currently.  As ldm runs /etc/X11/Xsession directly
> over ssh a proper login is never created and as a result, that user never
> appears under these listings. 
            # Make sure to run a login shell, to get /etc/profile   
              ... executed
            # and the full PATH content set.  Use bash to make sure the
            # shell used support the --login argument.
            ssh_remote_command = ['/bin/bash',
> If it's desirable (I think it is), we can add the -t option in ldm to force
> pseudo-tty allocation and get thin client users to appear in the who list,
> along with the ip address of the thin client which they are logged in from.
makes sense ...

> I haven't yet had time to test it but a simple patch which I think should
> achieve this is:
sadly ldm in edgy is in beta freeze already, so only fixes that directly
influence the CD build quality are accepted right away ...
i'll see what  can do, that patch is trivial enough to probably go in
before beta but i'll have to talk to mdz about it, he probably had his
reasons for not using the -t option.

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