Edubuntu Installation freezes

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Tue Sep 5 18:29:32 UTC 2006

Hi, you might have a memory problem...
Boot off the edubuntu cd and chose memory test.
Let the memory test run for an hour or so. If there are errors, you need to
replace the faulty memory.
Hope this helps.
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  I am hoping someone can help me with a problem I am facing with the
installation of Edubuntu 6.06.1

  1) I downloaded the iso package and burned a CD.
  2) I booted from the CD on my target machine and selected "workstation"
  3) The installation froze part way through the installation.
  4) I tried to boot/install again and got the same result, but with the
freeze happening at a different point.
  5) I burned a new CD on media from a different company.
  6) I tried again, and again the installation would freeze (but at a
different point than the other two)
  7) I checked the Internet and read that someone said "burning at a slower
speed" worked for him.  I burned a third CD at 8X.
  8) I installed a CD writer in the target machine and used "CD copy #2"
from the "CD writer" rather than the previous "DVD reader".  It went a
little further (up to package installation) but then froze.
  9) I tried again, this time with CD#3 (slow burn) running on the CD
writer, and again it froze, but at a new point in the installation.
  10) I tried looking in the Internet for an "ftp installation" option for
Edubuntu (like Mandrake Linux which I was previously able to install using
the ftp install option) since I have broadband, but it appears that option
is not available with Edubuntu/Ubuntu etc.

  1) What am I missing?  How can I get the install to complete?
  2) If the installation freezes, is there any option to allow a "continue
install" after I reboot?
  3) Is "ftp install" available for Edubuntu?


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