Testing edubuntu edgy beta

Reiner Schmid reischmid at gmx.de
Tue Oct 3 09:48:51 UTC 2006


I have tested the new functions of edubuntu edgy beta
It is now very comfortable to use the local devices of a client, 
specially usb-sticks. Also the possibility to start and to stop 
programms on all clients directly by a teacher tool is a good feature.
The new wallpaper is more suitable for "older" students. Also the login- 
and the logout-sound is a ear candy.

Thanks for the work, specially for ltsp-work
I hope there is a good and easy and safe possibitiy to upgrade from 
edu-dapper to edu-edgy


What I miss is a prepared public folder,
a teacher tool for collecting and  to disperse  files
a "better" sabyon to create profiles for students

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