[Fwd: Re: Edubuntu: Gallium vs. Kalzium]

Edward Holcroft edward at netday.org.za
Mon Oct 2 12:30:42 UTC 2006

HOMMA ToshiTeru wrote:
> Hi Ed and all
> reading your posting, i really respect your work to improve education
> in Africa.
> i am not an expert in this, but my two cents worth below.
> found a command apt-cdrom.
> wouldn't it be useful when you have extra CD's with repositories?
> would be nice if there's a shell program to run the command when you
> insert a CD-ROM, and perhaps erase unused ones from the sources.list
> when the CD-ROM is removed. Will this make apt complain or confused?
> -
Now it seems someone has done this:


(Thanks to William Kinghorn of Durban University of Technology for 
pointing it out).

Is the same thing possible for Edubuntu? Ideally of course, official 
support for something like this is needed.


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