how to install??

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Sun Nov 5 12:36:24 UTC 2006


On Sun, 05 Nov 2006, quantro wrote:

> if i can upgrade it from newer version, can i install additional program
> that i've downloaded before??
> example i download postgre ver 8 (with the others computer) and i want to
> install it on my computer, how can i do that??

You could just download postgresql from their website and install it, but I
would advise against doing that.  Postgresql is packaged in universe and you
are generally better off using the packages (better upgrades, removal,

If your system is not on the 'net, you can do "apt-get install postgresql"
in a terminal (or select it for installation in the package manager) to see
what packages it needs (you'll need to look at the exact files), then
download them with another computer and install them either using the
package manager "File->Add Downloaded Packages" or using "dpkg -i

To be honest, the package manager is a bit awkward unless your online, I'd
really recommend connecting it up to the net to install the packages (not
to mention security upgrades).  Alternatively you could create your own
local mirror of the package archives and just let it use that. 


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