Edubuntu in Cameroon.

Jonathan Carter jonathan at
Sun May 21 14:07:07 UTC 2006

Hi Felix

On Sun, 2006-05-14 at 16:43 +0200, felixngalla at wrote:
> Greetings from njahbi.We are a common non-governmental,not for profit
> making Organisation based in Switzerland and Cameroon using edubuntu to
> teach information technology in schools.Presently we are at the beginning
> of implementing Edubuntu,ubuntu in Cameroon.So far we have about 5000
> students in cameroon who are ready to learn within 12 schools.Our basic
> plea is for Edubuntu to help us, in what ever form which might enable us
> succeed in spreeding open source.Presently we have problems, with
> Fiance,educational softwares,school materials,etc.I shall be very greatful
> for what ever form of help which can be given.If any  more questions
> please contact us or check our we page to know more about
> us.

In terms of technical support, you might want to join the Edubuntu
mailing list at:
(which I'm cc'ing on this, perhaps someone is close by who would like to
assist you)

You can also now get free Edubuntu CD's from Shipit:

Please keep us up to date with the progress, remember that documenting
your progress can help many others who are doing similar work.


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