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Simón A. Ruiz wrote:
| Tom Hoffman wrote:
|> Simón,
|> I think that a wiki (or a blog) is a great idea.  This Indiana
|> initiative is by far the biggest free software deployment in US
|> schools, and at the same time, seemingly a state secret.  Very little
|> news about this project has gotten out to the rest of the open source
|> community in the US, which is bad for Indiana and for the rest of the
|> community.
| I agree, and I think that's because this isn't being done by the open
| source community, this is being done by a governmental institution.
| Linux is being dropped in the laps of people who don't have experience
| with it, and I can imagine most schools don't have someone like me who
| can step up and take responsibility.
| I don't say this conceitedly; my job description does not include doing
| this, no one's here does, I'm basically volunteering in this role
| because I believe in this program.
|> It sounds like you're doing excellent work at your school.
| I just do what I can, when I have the time. I can imagine what having a
| real Linux support person would do for this program, though.

Hi Simón!  I grew up in Illinois, on the Indiana border (your schools
are now besting Illinois in yet another area!), and I would LOVE it if
you would blog about this whole experience.  I'll happily provide you
the web space if you need it.  I moved away, but I still visit the area
often, and my mom is a public school teacher in Illinois.  I would love
for her and others to be able to read about what you're doing.

I have almost no experience with LDAP, however I know who I'd ask if I
needed help with it.  If I have your permission to give your email
address to one or two people, I think I can find you some help.

As for having a "real Linux support person" I think that you are well on
your way to being all the school could ask for!  Please, please, please
write about this somewhere.

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