Which hardware?

James Call jamescall at gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 04:09:40 UTC 2006

I agree with Dan Young.
We have 25 clients running on a 3gig amd dual core.  If you had the
computers just sitting there and everyone is using some low profile
program like gedit - no problemo.

When you set everyone to open wikipedia and look at electric cars,
then a few kids find a flash animation or something, the whole system
When you say "ok open oo writer" yes the server does cringe.
If you get a few kids that let the screen saver run, that can make
your server have heart failure.

I am looking for some sort of a better server, or using some thick
clients or booting from a cd or something to try and take the load off
our server.  We want to get about 20-30 more clients hooked up.


Thanks, James

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