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My turn to do the notes for the Edubuntu Cookbook Meeting, please be
aware that I did not end up with this task until the end so I have
tried to do the best I can. Please bear with me if I ramble as this is
my first time with this responsibility :-)

Summary of Edubuntu Cookbook Meeting 15/06/06

This meeting took place in a slightly shorter time span than the last
meeting and involved a few less people, in fact turnout was fairly low
for what ever reason. This did indeed have some benefits as it made it
a bit easier to come to a consensus

Following a fairly active discussion during the last meeting and a
reasonable following exchange via the mailing list, the decision was
made to use the docbook format for the cookbook following a quick vote
of all the people in attendance.

The basic layout of the book was suggested as follows :-

Section I Welcome to the world of Edubuntu

this will be kept to the existing basic layout of:-

- --About the book, why we decided to write it etc.
- --Ubuntu and its philosophy
- --Concept behind Edubuntu
- --Why Edubuntu

with the addition of 2 new chapters called

- --Networking basics - this will be a very basic intro to networks
- --Choosing an install type - selecting which install to use LTSP or

Section II Edubuntu Computer Lab/LTSP Installation

- --Pre-Install
- --Installation
- --Post-installation

The pre-install section will cover hardware selection and requirements

Installation is fairly self explanatory

Post-installation will cover the configuration and settings required
to secure and maintain you system

there will be references to web pages and books either scattered
through out the chapter or at the end of the chapter, no real decision
was made except that they were a good idea

Section III Using Edubuntu at home

This will be laid out in the same manner as section II but will be
covering the use of the workstation installation option

Section IV Using Edubuntu

This section will keep the same name as no one could really suggest a
better name for it. This will contain information about the
applications and how to use them with possible examples if possible

Most of the existing "shiny bits" section will now become absorbed
into the post-installation sections of the book with any remaining
parts merged into section IV

A wiki page documenting the layout will be available here (please give
hedgemage a chance to write it, it should be available by
approximately 21:00 UTC 16/06/06):-

A suggestion was raised about producing a standard template for each
chapter to conform to, which will probably cover heading etc.

It was suggested to start a wiki page for suggestions for the name for
the book, but no page address was decided upon so this will have to
wait for a bit more information from hedgemage or pygi I presume

No further meeting has been arranged so watch this space for more



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