Cookbook: Docbook vs. LaTeX

Sean Wheller sean at
Wed Jun 14 07:00:52 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 13 June 2006 08:35, Sean Wheller wrote:
> For purpose of updating and integration with the tuXlab cookbook version 2,
> we have already started the process of porting the wiki work to docbook.

We have ported the HowTo Edubuntu Cookbook to Docbook XML. Copy of the file 
can be obtained from:

Some notes:

. Images will need to be downloaded separately to be included in an 
transformation processing.

. We have noted a number of problems related to poor organizational structure. 
Some of this problem is as a result of the organization in wiki and some is 
as a result of incorrect organization or utilization of heading levels when 

We have not tried to fix these issues.

We hope this helps,

Ask me about the Monkey.

Sean Wheller
Technical Author
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