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Tue Jun 13 14:43:42 UTC 2006

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* Corey Burger:
> On 6/12/06, Susan Stewart <HedgeMage at> wrote:
>> At today's Edubuntu Cookbook meeting, those in attendance voted to use
>> Subversion (svn) to manage Cookbook, as opposed to the wiki as done in
>> the past.  We still need to decide what file format to use.  The two
>> contenders right now are LaTeX and Docbook.  Here's hoping we can get
>> the debate done before Thursday's meeting.
>> Both docbook and LaTeX are easily styled, and both are widely used.
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> cc'ing Matthew East


> So here is what I see:
> 1. Edubuntu use the Ubuntu doc teams SVN repo. It already exists and
> Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu docs are their already

Yes, please join the docteam and get your work going in that context.
The advantages:
1. kubuntu and xubuntu do it
2. you just adopt our build system so you get pretty html docs on (example -
3. the docteam can help you with content and formatting
4. collaboration = good

> 2. Edubunt use docbook, due to being able to bootstrap with the Ubuntu
> stuff.

Yes, I'll add my voice to the docbook fans. It is very easy to produce
both html and pdf docs, we do both for the {ku}{xu}{u}buntu docs.

By the way - note that if you continue working on the wiki for now, you
will be able to take advantage of the Moin2Docbook processor which will
instantly and reliably transform the work into a docbook book or
article. This is part of a summer of code project which is already
working really well.

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